Monday, 26 September 2011

The Art Picnic

On Sunday 11th September 
we had our Art Picnic...

After a previous postponement and a lot of yo-yo organisation (up and down, backwards and forwards: either we at Meadow Arts were busy, Philippa the artist was busy or the Forest was busy!) we finally managed to have the Art Picnic. The weather wasn't bad at all, so we all gathered at Mortimer Forest, which is in Herefordshire but very close to Ludlow in Shropshire too.

Preparing to make some art

Philippa was brilliant and had organised some great activities for everyone, which had obviously taken an enormous amount of care and planning on her part. A big Thank You to Philippa Lawrence and to everyone who came and took part, as well as those lovely Forestry Commission people for supporting us!

Hard at work

Busy as a bee
 What is always amazing (and brilliant) when we do an event like this is how imaginitive everyone is. We all start with the same materials, but everyone's design is unique.

Creativity knows no age-limits

An imaginative use of colour and form

 You can view some images of the finished work on our website.