Monday, 16 January 2012

All settled in...

The Meadow Arts office has moved since our last blog and we are finally settled in now after an extended period of phone-company induced turmoil.

The physical aspect of moving office went pretty well overall, particularly since we were only moving from one side of Ludlow to the other: about 10 miles from our old workplace! The new office is in the grounds of Stokesay Court, a manor house that was used as a location for the film Atonement. The views are wonderful and we should have a fine old time in the summer months when we'll be able to sit outside and have lunch in a very beautiful place.

Moving the phone line and broadband were a wholly different tale though. In spite of requesting it all in October, it took a certain phone company about six weeks to get us connected in the new office. It just about drove everyone completely nuts. It's no joke being out of touch with the modern world for so long, particularly in a rural area like Shropshire. So we were over the moon when the internet finally came on again.

Now we just need to get on with some work. There's tons to do at the moment. We've got a show coming up this year, which we are planning now and we'll be relaunching House of Beasts at Attingham Park near Shrewsbury in March, when the mansion reopens fully again after the winter. Next month we are holding a symposium as part of Shrewsbury's Darwin Festival. We've got artists from the House of Beasts exhibition in discussion with academics about the various relationships that exist between humans and animals. The symposium will be on the 18th February and you can book tickets now: see the flyer below for more details.

Happy New Year!