Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Time Will Tell starts ticking...

Our evolving programme of contemporary art, Time Will Tell, launched on 19th August with a series of fortunate events...

Ready to read your fortune?

We were thrilled that Croft Castle's Fortune Teller, the beautiful Cassandra Rainbird (a performance by Scary Little Girls) was there to herald us in with her lovely singing and exciting visions of the future.

There was soon quite a queue forming outside the atmospheric tower for eyelid readings (frighteningly accurate!), identification of your Animal Guide (Mrs Rabbit and Miss Squirrel in the case of Meadow Arts) and blessings.

We were soon reading signs and omens into everything, from the auspicious MEADOW cricket to the sunshine that arrived with Cassandra. And we didn't need the hoards  of colourful butterflies settling on the tower wall to tell us that it had been a magical day!

Cassandra Rainbird serenades from her tower at Croft Castle

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Time Will Tell

We have been so busy with our new contemporary art programme and evolving exhibition that we haven't had time to blog in ages....

Time Will Tell is on now at Croft Castle and parkland in Herefordshire, a fantastic National Trust property and a wonderful place to visit.

In a departure from our usual exhibition based programmes, Time Will Tell takes the form of a series of artists’ residencies: a range of artists have been visiting Croft to make work over an extended period of time in order to become more involved in the place, its history and its people.

The curatorial theme of Time Will Tell explores the tensions between history, stories and memories and the imprints of time upon Croft. Artists in residence are Justine Cook, Dorothy Cross, Rebecca Farkas, Ellen Harvey, Tanya Raabe, David Connor & Mark Richards, John M Robinson and Strange Cargo.

Some of the artists have already made their work at Croft and others are still in residence; working through their artistic processes before making the final pieces.

The whole programme is a fascinating insight into the way that artists make new work and there is also a huge amount of interaction between the artists and the people who work or live at or around Croft Castle (and its environs) and also its visitors.

There are lots of events and performances taking place as part of Time Will Tell, including performances by Holly Davey, Nathaniel Pitt and Scary Little Girls.

Nathaniel Pitt performs The Black Flags of Croft

See our Facebook page for regular updates on events and performances and follow us on Twitter as @MeadowArts. If you would like to add your own story or memory of Croft Castle you can put it onto The View From Here, a blog to accompany and continue the work of artists in residence Strange Cargo.

Artist in residence Tanya Raabe has been blogging as she makes her work at Croft too: you can visit Tanya's blog by clicking here.

Time Will Tell is taking place at Croft Castle, Yarpole, near Leominster HR6 9PW, UK until October 2013. See National Trust’s website for opening times and entry charges for the castle.