Saturday, 28 May 2016

Idiot Compression

Jonathan Callan's work in Hay

We are delighted to be showing several works by Jonathan Callan in the Never Judge a Book... exhibition. The artist has been in Hay-on-Wye this week to re-site his installation work Idiot Compression on the first floor of Richard Booth's Bookshop.

The work is made up of hundreds of books, which have been cut down. They still function as books in a way, as the pages can be turned, but much of the information has been taken away, in the discarded part of the book. Callan is referring to the idea, often touted as fact, that we only use 20% of our brains and only retain 20% of the information that we read.

When reinstalling an artwork like this, the place it is being shown (its new site) will have an influence on how the work looks. Jonathan Callan has been testing ideas during his time in Hay, finding a configuration that is appropriate for the artwork within its new temporary site.

Click here to read more about Jonanthan Callan and the works being shown in the Never Judge a Book... exhibition.

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